2 oct 2012

Este texto lo escribió Oguri cuando nuestra colaboración empezó a tomar forma:

My Neighbor Sky is the collaboration of two dancers, Andres Corchero and Oguri who had not seen each other in over 20 years. They had danced and worked together, for 4 years in Japan, looking up at the same sky.  Then they both moved on in their lives, to different skies, different countries and continued in their own ways of dancing and working. Twenty years later, Corchero invited Oguri to teach and perform in Spain, and to help him with a new piece.  Reconnecting in Gracia, Barcelona they once again found inspiration in each other’s work and a connection so deep that perhaps they had been sharing the same sky all these years, even as they were so far away from each other. In a recent review of their dance collaboration, it was noted that after they seemed to go separate ways on stage, their shadows were still dancing together in the larger view.


My neighbor sky
Sábado 6 Octubre 2012 a las 18:40h
BHUM - l'Animal a l'Esquena
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