Body Weather is a comprehensive performance training founded by Min Tanaka in Japan. This performance practice and training investigates the intersections of bodies and their environments.
Intended for actors, dancers and all those interested to deepen their knowledge of the body, this work demands a thorough reexamination of the body and movement within different and changing environments in order to improve our individual backgrounds . It doesn’t requires great experience, the only requirement is to take the workshop   seriously and rigorously.

1. M.B. Strong mind and body, muscles and bones training rhythmical and dinamic with music. Observe the relationship between mind, bones, joints and the use of energy. Coordination work of the body in motion. Proprioception exercices where
Step by step the movements are becoming more complex, demanding more awareness. Confronting our limits and going beyond. Investigating the relationship between strength and flexibility, and our relationship with the earth and sky.

Manipulation. A series of specific stretching and relaxation exercises concerned with breathing and alignment, done in couples with an active and deep breathing, body allignment and relaxation, exchanging passive and active roles. Embodying the other's body.

3. Exploration work designed to sharpen focus and develop imagination and expression through the body, which includes among others: motionsegmentation, study of different speeds in relation to the body and space and  sense of time. Emphasizing the awarenes and relation with the space and time through many exercises of perception, sensitivity and sensory development. A wide work made in couples by touching, blindness, etc...,to find movement coming from outside us. Accepting the other's proposals in our body in order to become and transform our own body reality. Listening to the space outside and inside the body.
Always searching and finding the real existence and not only movement. Finding vocabulary and language through strong image work in the body. 


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